Reporting on Children Workshop

  1. meltingpots
    RT @Bhintsintsi: I have just painted my own #kidsjourn house. Ain’t perfect, but good. The kids’ ones look much better! #onlinejourn
    Thu, Jun 21 2012 02:51:46
  2. A team of print and radio journalist recently attended a “Reporting on Children Workshop” at the Wits Journalism school. The workshop was headed by researcher Glenis Clacherty.

  3. She gave some guidelines on how to report on children and UNICEF lists some of the reporting guidelines:

  4. Since most children come an unstable backgrounds, it is sometimes difficult to draw them out. In order for journalists to engage authentically with the children, they have to allow them to speak for themselves.Some of the things journalists need to bear in mind when interviewing children are the power attachments they may have. These include the camera, microphone, the way they dress or even the cars they may drive.

    A group of students mainly 12 year olds with some background training to monitor how media reports on children issues were invited to this session.

    A group of Online Journalists live tweeted the workshop. Here is how it went:

  5. MediaMattersZA
    Follow #KidsJourn for live-tweeted interviews with children following a lecture on Reporting on Children; part of #OnlineJourn class at Wits
    Thu, Jun 21 2012 02:18:11
  6. benon_oluka
    #kidsjourn Many interesting dynamics about reporting on children. Wud be a great course for those dealing with children’s newspaper pages.
    Thu, Jun 21 2012 02:24:53
  7. Bhintsintsi
    A group of Jo’burg primary school kids, who regularly monitor the media, talk to journos about their representation in the media #kidsjourn
    Thu, Jun 21 2012 02:27:59
  8. benon_oluka
    Children now setting ground rules for the #kidsjourn tweets. Protect identities; no names, no addresses.
    Thu, Jun 21 2012 02:30:05
  9. “Authentic engagement is a process by with children are empowered to construct a representation of their social world” (Woodhead 1998 pg 22)
  10. Bhintsintsi
    We are now breaking ice by drawing pictures of our houses. Looks like the kids have home ground advantage #kidsjourn #onlinejourn
    Thu, Jun 21 2012 02:40:44
  11. BrigitteRead1
    #kidsjourn these kids are media monitors and know the ethics in reporting on children – dont mention names, school -ground rule are set
    Thu, Jun 21 2012 02:42:51
  12. When reporting about children, journalists can reduce their power by using games, working with kids in a group and age appropriate.
  13. BrigitteRead1
    #kidsjourn icebreaker:draw where you live. Many revert to writing or labeling their pics. one girl has produced a spider chart. room v quiet
    Thu, Jun 21 2012 02:50:52
  14. KhumaloAndile
    Placing red stickers on places they are restricted 2 go 2 and green ones were they r allowed by their parents…#kidsjourn #onlinejourn
    Thu, Jun 21 2012 02:53:04
  15. KhumaloAndile
    Interesting how this child thinks swimming pools & hospitals not being safe, what are we teaching kids #kidsjourn #onlinejourn
    Thu, Jun 21 2012 02:58:26
  16. KhumaloAndile
    This child gets emotional while puting a red sticker on the hospital drawing cos thugs made her sister go there #kidsjourn #onlinejourn sad
    Thu, Jun 21 2012 03:03:47
  17. benon_oluka
    RT @KhumaloAndile: All these kids find hospitals as a bad place becoz most of their loved ones have been there…#kidsjourn #onlinejourn
    Thu, Jun 21 2012 03:07:45
  18. KhumaloAndile
    Their #kidsjourn reasons y swiming pools are not safe its becoz, men pass there and they feel not being safe#onlinejourn
    Thu, Jun 21 2012 03:11:22
  19. Bhintsintsi
    RT @benon_oluka: Drawing is meant to ease the children into telling their stories without directly asking them questions. #kidsjourn
    Thu, Jun 21 2012 03:05:57
  20. meltingpots
    When reporting on children its important for journos to be aware of the power attachements they have like recorders, mics, camera #kidsjourn
    Thu, Jun 21 2012 02:57:35
  21. The children were concerned about he fact that there isn’t much coverage about them in the print and electronic media.
  22. meltingpots
    #kidsjourn are asking why most newspapers only cover politics and advertising and why there is very little child content.#onlinejourn
    Thu, Jun 21 2012 03:15:16
  23. angiemubwanda
    #kidsjourn kids not happy with coverage on their issues. They are not included, many negative reports on rape, kidnapping, abuse comes out
    Thu, Jun 21 2012 03:20:28
  24. meltingpots
    RT @BrigitteRead1: #kidsjourn tables have turned – the kids want answers: why do newspapers have no kids stories, only politics and advertising? Tough one
    Thu, Jun 21 2012 03:19:05
  25. KhumaloAndile
    Small bodies, but never underestimate their minds because they know what’s happening…#kidsjourn #onlinejourn
    Thu, Jun 21 2012 03:27:27
  26. BrigitteRead1
    these are curious kids. Grilling the #kidsjourn journos for explanations on defamation, broadcasting, rape… Who is interviewing who?
    Thu, Jun 21 2012 03:27:33
  27. Bhintsintsi
    A girl says a lot of the stories in Sowetan are about adults and politics. Wants more stories about her peers #kidsjourn
    Thu, Jun 21 2012 03:31:14
  28. MediaMattersZA
    RT @BrigitteRead1: these are curious kids. Grilling the #kidsjourn journos for explanations on defamation, broadcasting, rape… Who is interviewing who?
    Thu, Jun 21 2012 03:31:09
  29. MMA_tweeter
    RT @Bhintsintsi: One of the kids says he loves Kidsnews. Watches it regularly. But wants more positive stories #kidsjourn #mediamattersza
    Thu, Jun 21 2012 03:31:32
  30. angiemubwanda
    #kidsjourn seems kids envy journos. Journos explain processes involved in putting a story together to ensure credibility and balance
    Thu, Jun 21 2012 03:34:40
  31. BrigitteRead1
    kids expectations of the media: don’t use gory pictures, more ve stories, dont just give the problem, find a solution too. #kidsjourn
    Thu, Jun 21 2012 03:39:24
  32. Dalla_Sbo
    RT @Bhintsintsi: Boy: What I hate about TV news is it focuses on big people, like Malema and Zuma. Not much about kids #kidsjourn
    Thu, Jun 21 2012 03:41:07
  33. KhumaloAndile
    I quote “not for sales to persons under the age of 18 but children stil buy alcohol” 11 year old #kidsjourn’s girl
    Thu, Jun 21 2012 03:44:33
  34. The drawings reflected some of the issues and challenges they face on a daily basis.
  35. KhumaloAndile
    Amazing how simple drawings can tell a story and make children open up about issues #kidsjourn #onlinejourn
    Thu, Jun 21 2012 03:25:20
  36. KhumaloAndile
    She knows of ppl who sell alcohol and she lives with them in the same block#kidsjourn #onlinejourn
    Thu, Jun 21 2012 03:22:51
  37. benon_oluka
    All the children have early mornings. First child wakes up at 6am, second at 4:30am, third at 5am, fourth and fifth at 6am. #kidsjourn
    Thu, Jun 21 2012 03:26:53
  38. KhumaloAndile
    #kidsjourn don’t want tarvens coz they sell alcohol to skwl pips, “serious issue there” #onlinejourn
    Thu, Jun 21 2012 03:21:23
  39. KhumaloAndile
    Her neighbor left a 3moths baby alone to go drink alcohol and on her return the baby was dead #kidsjourn #onlinejourn
    Thu, Jun 21 2012 03:24:15
  40. One of the lesson learned from the workshop is:
  41. mamaPhetolo
    Key lesson: your approach can either break or make an interview with a child. Here’s an interesting video–cfqv3kn64 #kidsjourn
    Thu, Jun 21 2012 03:53:31
  42. In addition it is important not to ask direct questions. Use things like drama, mapping, drawings to get the children to express themselves. Create an activity that give them to reflect and think about the issues they face. Get the children to talk to each other.
  43. WarrenNebe
    @angiemubwanda @MediaMattersZA #kidsjourn Surely we need to construct narratives that will enhance a safer future, rather than traumatise?
    Thu, Jun 21 2012 03:28:59

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