South African artwork sold for R17.2 million

  1. Yet another piece of art made the headlines in South Africa this week but not for the same reasons as Brett Murray’s “The Spear”.  An unidentified South African has just paid R17.2 million at auction for “The Arab”, a painting by one of South Africa’s most famous artists, Irma Stern.
  2. Here are some reactions by people about the sale of the artwork
  3. Kevin Kartun
    Love Irma Sterne’s work. She made use of Zanzibar doors to frame some of her pictures like here. Her house in Rondebosch is well worth a visit.
    Wed, Jun 13 2012 00:29:21
  4. BarbieKinzZ
    RT @702JohnRobbie: An Irma Stern painting being sold last night for over 17m. 2nd highest price ever paid for a South African painting. More at 7:40am.
    Thu, Jun 14 2012 02:20:23
  5. Louis Ferreira
    Lets start painting Arabs shall we ?
    Tue, Jun 12 2012 03:18:06
  6. Phaphama Yekani
    Picasso,Pierneef,Walter Battiss,Willie Bester,William Kentridge,Dumile Feni,Van Gouh,George Pemba,Irma Stern,…….
    Sun, Jun 03 2012 14:50:22
  7. Troy_Martens
    Wow a South African buyer has enough to spend R17million on a painting! Go Irma Stern!!
    Tue, Jun 12 2012 17:11:54
  8. Stern’s painting was definitely a masterpiece and the high value placed on the artwork is perhaps due to the fact that it had not been seen until recently.

    Another reason could be that subject matter. The oil on canvas painting was of an Omani Arab, which Stern painted on her first visited Zanzibar in 1939 while it was still under Omani Sultan – Seyyid Khalifa Bin Haroub.

    Below is a video of an auction of one of Irma Stern’s artwork titled “Gladioli” at Strauss & Co. The painting sold for R12 million

  9. Irma STERN auction 11 October 2010
    Mon, Nov 01 2010 08:49:27
  10. Who was Irma Stern?
  11. Art dealer,Johan Borman had this to say about Irma’s work, “Irma Stern is considered to be one of South Africa’s most important artists who achieved both national and international acclaim during her lifetime. She introduced the highly conservative South African society to Modernism during the 1920’s and managed to shift the prevailing perceptions about art over the following four decades.”
  12. Irma was a contemporary artist and she was inspired by what she called Africa’s “paradise”. Her paintings are colorful and reflect her travels and appreciation for life. Here are samples of her work.
  13. Irma Stern paintings.wmv Nina Simone
    Sun, Jan 30 2011 10:19:06
  14. In an interesting twist, Brett Murray whose controversial artwork “The Spear” dominated the headlines the last couple of weeks was a recipient of the Irma Stern Scholarship in 1981/2

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