A chance for Africa to give

I recently had a rare opportunity to meet with Graca Machel, the wife of South Africa’s former president Nelson Mandela,  together with Global Food Banking Network, Maurice Weaver at the Nelson Mandela Foundation in Houghton Johannesburg.  Among other things, she spoke about the “Haiti Africa project”, which Machel described as a ‘people to people initiative’.  Africa will have a chance to support communities in Haiti after a devastating earthquake in January 12.

 “You do not share what you don’t need but you share what you have” she said. I thought that was quite a powerful statement since people often give their surplus or what they don’t need. Africa will have an opportunity to share whatever it has with the Haitians probably with long-term benefits.  “We would like to build a legacy and give Haitians a chance to reconnect with their fellow Africans”.

To succeed in this, the project plans to work with the people on the ground and identify a local organization through which the aid will be channeled.

So far twenty organizations have pledged to support this initiative.


4 thoughts on “A chance for Africa to give

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    1. Many thanks Khals, it still needs fine tuning and I need to update it regularly. WordPress isnt that bad….and there is absolutely no harm in having another one…The challenge is updating it often and having something different on it.

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